Can I run Rust?

Hello. I just saw some gameplays with Rust and I would like to play it. Here are my specs:
Proccesor: Intel-Core i3 380M 2.53 GHz
Ram: 4GB DDR3
Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics
I would like to know if I can run the game with at least 20 FPS
Yeah…I know…the graphics are the real problem…I’m trying to buy a new PC and I hope I’ll get enough money…until that…I must play on this laptop…

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Honetly OP. The game will probably run so poorly you wont even be able to enjoy yourself. Just save and buy a new computer. You can probably get a build that can at least run Rust for around $500. Just get a summer job if you are a minor.

This is the only authorized thread for “Will it run posts”:

Oh, sorry, I didn’t saw that thread. Anyway, thanks for help…I’ll try to buy a new computer.