Can I run this with decent fps?

I want to buy this game, and Im not sure if its worth it. Ive seen lots of people say its impossible to run the game(playable fps) with an integrated graphics card… but… I still would like to try. I have an AMD Radeon HD 6480G and I know its integrated. I have 4GB ram… Don’t know my processor but I know its decent… please… I really want to run this game… tell me if I can get playable fps(20fps at least) with this… I really really really want this game but I don’t have the money for a new card. Just tell me if its worth it

Not worth it.

Are you sure? Ive run games with a lot better graphics than this with good fps… Man Ive wanted this game for months… fuck

I think its worth.

This game is an unoptimized alpha. What you need to understand is, everything you know about ordinary game expectations is wrong when it comes to playing an alpha game in active development. It runs slower than it should on decent to high-end machines. Your integrated graphics doesn’t have much of a chance.

20 fps? thats crap, you’ll die non-stop

They just released a patch today increasing performance… I guess that doesnt matter much… but I just really want this game…

What about Rust makes you crave it?

Everything man… I love the house building, the crafting system. The whole game environment makes me want it so bad… the gathering… you craft, I absolutely LOVE the radiation system, it keeps people from camping the good loot spawns. I love just the whole look of it. Im a fan of DayZ, Stalker, and Minecraft so what isn’t to love about this game?

At the moment, you are likely to be killed repeatedly on sight by guys with guns while you are a fresh respawn with nothing to your name but a rock. The servers have stability issues, and there is zero attempt at fair balance at the moment. There is no spawn protection. All of these features will in some way be added in the future, I expect, but right now they don’t exist yet.

The game is in alpha. That means the engine is still being built. That means things will break. That means frequent game crashes. That means frequent inventory and map wipes, or other partial/total losses of progress in the game, often without warning. Bugs being exploited and no effort put into stopping the active exploiters (except by fixing the bug itself so it can’t be used anymore). Slow performance. Very little to do.

Now, buying Rust now entitles you to the full game when it’s done as well, so you aren’t just buying this buggy alpha but the final product when it arrives – that’s something to consider and keep in mind.

Do you think I’d be able to run it when the performance fixes come out? I mean to be honest, Rust doesn’t have the greatest graphics of all time

It may not look pretty, but if you’re willing to play it on low settings, I am fairly sure you could run it. But don’t take my word for it.
Alpha would be a struggle to run as it is now, even I get some drops in fps whilst playing and my PC is pretty good. I would recomend buying it now - And if you can’t run it, wait till full release of the game. But as I said… don’t take my word for it, these are only assumptions

is this better than: Intel® Core™ i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, GeForce GT 640M, and 8.0 GB RAM?

I play this game on a laptop (yes,I know, the horror! But it’s actually a decent one, can run bf3 and such) and before today’s patch I had horrible fps. I could gather resources but shooting moving targets was impossible. Today’s patch made it a lil better, and then I found out you could turn off the grass (grass.on false in console). I can now finally shoot things, go on raids without being the mule etc etc. I still need to practice on my combatskills but I am confident that I just need an hour or so to get into it.

This game makes me rage hard, but at the same time I love it. The excitement of raiding and getting raided is awesome. It is hard to get all settled though. I am on my second week of playing and my group has only been doing great since like maybe 3/4 days, and we have our number to thank for that. It is very, very frustrating and the community tends to be a bit on the asshole-side (not everyone, but there’s quite a lot of dicks about).

So from my point of view, it’s worth it. I was happy playing and just getting resources for my group and freaking out when shooting was happening. But since you are just… you, I don’t know how well you would do…