Can I run this?

My specs are: Intel® Core™ i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, GeForce GT 640M, and 8.0 GB RAM
30 fps is ok for me. And if I cant run it now, do you think I can run it in the future when its more optimized?

I can run it at 60 fps with a gtx 560 card, my cpu is a bit better but it probably shouldn’t matter, just use low settings to ditch the shadow from max fps.

So this means I can run the game with ok fps?

I think you may struggle to get 30fps but it will deffinetly be playable.

Yes. You may have to turn down the settings if you play in a populated area(around a lot of player buildings) but that’s all. I get 60 fps with max settings when i’m out in the open or even in rad zones but I might sometimes get deadly fps spikes if I load a building at a bad time so I just stick to the lowest graphics settings until optimization occurs and I get very few fps spikes this way.

Do you use the same pc as me then? And btw will this be optimized?

A 560 is much much better than a 640M. the 60 series is a mid range performance series meaning it’s directed towards the gamer with some cash but who is not looking to drop an absurd amount of cash on a performance card. The 40 series is typically directed towards gamers on a strict, smaller budget. It runs games, but not nearly as good as many other cards. The other key factor is that he’s using a laptop, which can be noted from the M in 640M. Because of that, we can assume that his GPU isn’t nearly as good as a desktop 640 and this may also be true for his CPU.

So based on this info, I’d say he might be able to run the game, but not with the highest settings as you mentioned.

Right but I didn’t really lead him to think he could play with max settings. Sometimes I can sometimes I can’t. I said a few times that he might have to turn down the settings for optimal performance, I turn my settings down cause i’d rather have performance over quality. Shit can get real fast with max settings if you randomly load that skyscraper complex at the wrong time. QQ

I dont care if I cant run on high graphics, thanks people

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But do anyone know if a Macbook Air 13 can run this?

Does anyone else have an opinoin? Or is the conclusion i can play this with ok frames on low?

I doubt a Macbook Air can run it, but I have a i7 2.40GHz and a similiar NVIDIA Graphics card ( Laptop ) and I run it fine at medium settings.

Umm I am not that good with pc’s. Is your pc similiar to mine?