Can I run two copies of Gmod at the same time?

Is there any way I can have 2 gmods runnable on my one pc? I want to do that, so I can have a Gmod for screwing around and one for building. If you know a way, please tell me.

I didn’t even read the OP and I knew what this was going to be.

Ok, that was just wierd. I need an official answer, because recently I heard there was a way to get two.

What could be more official than a gold member that has a cat with an SS uniform as an avatar?
Not counting mods and garry, that is.

Sorry, I didn’t see your post before I posted.

No, there isn’t. Steam will only permit one instance of gmod running.

It’s not that, Steam will only allow one version of the Source engine running at a time. Which includes L4D and L4D2.

I mean, I want to have 2 gmods on my computer downloaded and runnable at the same time. I mean, not at the same time but have them on the computer. like 2 different folders

I don’t see how that is possible. If you try to download Garry’s Mod with Steam again, it will only re-install your current GMod, thinking you just need it again (if you screwed it up like I have, several times…). All I’m saying, and I do NOT condone this, one would have to be able to run without Steam. But alas, this is illegal and irritates the rest of us, so don’t do it. You may just have to get used to having both a “screw around” one and an “actually get things done” one together. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue though, seriously, as much of screwing around in GMod is half-ass building. It is for me, anyway.

tl;dr, NO.

Well, if you want two sets of mods/addons, then if you copy the second gmod folder, rename it, and install other things in it, you can then switch between the two by renaming the folders and restarting garry’s mod.

Maybe a separate drive?

Actually, you could install the beta facepunch svn to sourcemods, then use the retail version for other shit. It still connects to servers, so I don’t see why not.

Check out to sourcemods

Irrelevant. It’s the source engine that you can’t start twice. I can’t have half life 2 ep 2 and Gmod open at the same time, for example. So to answer the OP, no.

Unless you find a way to play any version of GMod not on Steam, nope

The “having 2 garrysmod folders” thing that SamPerson123 suggested works.

I have like four. One for Wire/PHX, one for weapons packs, one for SB3 and SBMP (oh and wire too) and one clean, for vanilla gaming.

KK, I get it. you rename the folder, reinstall gmod, then name it back to Garrys mod.


I renamed addons folder to addons1 and the added what I wanted. It works. I might do that for gmod.