Can I Sell Custom Hud's, Scoreboard's Etc Here?

I have custom hud, scoreboard, and credit menu for ttt and would like to sell it, they are already made i just want to sell it preferably to more then 1 person so keep it here like on sale kind of thing is that allowed, or am i only allowed to give free stuff?

First of all if the hud, scoreboard and credit menu are not yours (You created them with your lua knowledge) then I suggest to don’t try to sell them.
Second thing is that people don’t really want something that someone already has it.
And finally post on lua scripting that you can code and wait for someone to contact you for work not for what you have for sale.

Fair enough thanks guess i just wanted to make money back on something im definitely not going to use anymore hehe ;3, i guess i’ll just give it to friends who wnat it.

If you want to make money for your lua, go to the coder hiring thread, some people may be looking for HUDs

Why not look for an appropriate thread, instead of making one ?

I doubt that anyone would buy it, you would probably receive a fair amount of criticism for doing so as well, you could try and put it up for download if you think it’s good enough though.

Netheous are your posts ever positive?, maybe because facepunch threads can’t be found on google after they reach a certain age or that it might take a stupid amount of time finding a thread with this kind of question asked, just purely based on search words, it’s a hard question to title. Besides that, an existing thread might not even answer his question.

Perhaps consider not posting if you’re not helping and you just ridicule those who are less experienced. I only say this because i’ve seen you do this before, it’s not nice to post something and then get ridiculed for not having experiance.

I am not “ridiculing” anyone, I’ve just learned my lesson that posting threads without looking for it first is a bad idea (because we all done this atleast once).
And I wouldn’t post that if the Lua hire/recruitment thread wasn’t on the 1st page of Developer Discussion, easily spottable

And excuse me, but someone who posts multiple threads about the same topic shouldn’t really put me under critism

Just as you’ve made mistakes, i’ve made my own.

As I said, it’s hard to know where to look for such things until you’ve seen it and then its obvious. I do apologize however, I did go a bit overboard so sorry, this entire forum just seems negative and unfriendly, and on the very minimum cold. I hope all is forgiven, a smiley face wouldn’t do any harm now and then either :slight_smile:

Nah im not a coder i just hired someone to make this for me.

oh god. Please don’t attempt to sell someone else’s hard work, not only is it stupid, it makes you look bad.