Can i switch back and forth between mods without server wiping???

Im trying to test different mods but i dont want the server to reset… if i uninstall rust++ and install oxide is it going to reset? Just want to see which i like better and might not stick with it. Using FPS

Installing new mods will only wipe your server if your GSP has set it to (which they shouldn’t), Oxide does not go anywhere near save files and I’m pretty sure Rust++ doesn’t either. Some GSPs do like wiping your server when you install mods though, so I’d say backup your save files before you do anything.

Rust Essentials doesn’t either. I’m pretty sure FPS doesn’t reset the whole service directory. Worth a shot. Make sure you back up though.

To the op. Have you done this ? Without losing data? I use FPSPLAYERS as well and want to uninstall rust ++ and load oxide. I just don’t wanna lose my files

The issue with server wiping lies with TCAdmin. When TCAdmin shuts down your server, it does not save the server first. It simply just kills the process and 9 times out of 10, it corrupts your server data. Since the server cannot read corrupted data, it starts a fresh save.

Ok I have now switched from rust++ to oxide and no doing it right does not wipe server and I use FPS

How did you do this?

I use Oxide and the last time I uninstalled a plugin that I was trying out (teleport request), it wiped the server. Player inventories were still intact, but all structures were gone.

I chalked it it up to not issuing a save.all command prior to shutting it down. Moral of the story, back up your files before making any changes.


ALWAYS backup your save data folders. MyServerData and RustPP (if you use Rust++) folders should be backed up regularly. Never depend on it to happen automatically.

If you use FPS Servers - You can simply create a ZIP file for both of these folders after doing /saveall. It will automatically time/date stamp the file for you. Personally I do this a few times a day just to make sure.

The wipe happens when you use Steam Update. So if you back up your files - you can extract your latest save data and everything is restored.