Can i use addons in multiplayer?

In a multiplayer sandbox whenever i go to entities and click on the vehicle addon i want to spawn nothing happens but when i do that in singleplayer the vehicle spawns, are you not allowed to use addons in multiplayer.

You can only use addons on multiplayer servers if the server’s hosting computer has the addons aswell.

EDIT:Although, if you make your own server (listen or dedicated, dedicated is better, look up a tutorial on how to set up one, listen is for if you are too lazy and just want to play with your friends.) you and anyone else who joins the server can use the addons that you have, make sure you don’t use too many addons though, as it can make your Gmod run slowly!

Or if the addon is fully clientside and scriptenforcer is not enabled.

The only time you can use addons is if the server also has it. Many servers have the PHX3 and Wiremod addons, for example. You couldn’t go on with your 1337-gun addon you made yourself and kill everyone.

Wrong. If the addon is clientside only (eg Smartsnap) then you can use it on the server (as long as Script Enforcer is off).

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