Can i use files from CS:CZ in gmod? (Yes, i own the game.)

Or, will I be told that CS: Condition Zero (Disk based) was BEFORE source engine, and that the files are in no way compatable.

I know very little of game engines, or this “Warez” deliemma, and risk looking seriously ignorent with this question but:

Cant the textures themselves ATLEAST be scavanged from Condition Zero? If possible, it should be legal as i own both Gmod and CS:CZ.

I shall hold onto my [del] denial[/del] optimistic outlook

I think they have to be put into a specific resolution, I’m not sure. There wouldn’t be much point, though, considering that they’re only textures and not models; however if you really want to, you could attempt to port the models and perhaps even maps, I’m sure there are many tutorials available via google.

I figured that fully working models themselves were out of the question… if I knew how, I could rip the mesh and make my own hitbox or something.

I just want to see those purple/black checkerboards go away, and like I said, I do own the game. no need to spend an extra 20 dollars.

*Shoot. The Is are uncapatalized in the thread title… keep forgetting to capatalize them

Edit: My brother played CS much more often then I ever did, are there any NEW maps/textures in CS: Source that were not in older versions/exspansions?

I think Counter-Strike Source has two maps that aren’t in any other version, and it would have quite a few new textures as some of the maps are quite different to the Counter Strike/Condition Zero versions.

Gold Source engine (the one CS:CZ is on) uses textures in the .wad format. You’d need a .wad editor (like Wally) to export the textures as image files, and a .vtf editor (like VTFedit) to convert them into thr right format for Source.

I would have to open , saveas, and find the right name so it wont get buggy with any texture related scripting…

for each texture… Bah! I will settle for a few random purple blocks…