Can i use google sketch up models (.skp)in gmod

i’ve been making a few lately and want 2 know can i put them in gmod/ other source games?

I remember I used Google sketchup at school once. I don’t think its possible although you might be able to take one like if you were ripping a model from a game. Otherwise I don’t think its possible.

You can use/export sketchup to Hammer, and VMF files can be made into props using a special plugin (Propper), so I guess you can. It just takes a bit of work.

Uhh, can you? I don’t remember a feature that has direct support for sketchup. Mostly because Source hasn’t got direct support for any file format, it has to be compiled first.

My guess is that there isn’t an .smd exporter for SketchUp so you’ll need to use another program (3dsMax, Blender, XSI Mod Tool) to export it as .smd. Then just follow some compiling guide, we have a few around here.


At any rate, I don’t recommend using SketchUp for any kind of game models. You have no direct control over the polygons and triangles. It’s not what you’d consider a true 3D software, more like light CAD software.