Can I use Rust Essentials + Oxide Plugins????

Anyone know if can I use Rust Essentials + Oxide Plugins???

Leather and Oxide are incompatible

Is there anything you want me to add to Essentials that Oxide provides? Excluding door sharing, going to release that some time soon.

Actually now that you mention it, I use Rust Essentials as well, but I would love to have a couple of the oxide plugins added to Rust ++ if at all possible:

Bounty -
Remover Tool - (this would be huge if possible)
Simple Home -

If any or all these things could be added to Rust Essentials I would not be just greatful, I would be donation grateful :slight_smile:

Thanks Blue

Yes, For sure. I would be donating the heck out of my wallet if you could work with oxide and make essentials and oxide play nice. I feel the same way as blue_vevlyt as I would like some oxide plugins but I really love essentials. If I could just ge tthe two to work then my wallet would empty.

Def love RE but with the lack of a few things it forces me to use other API’s. Below are a couple HUGE things that I think would help RE shine…

*Arena system setup like what uberArena is.
*Resource add, a system that allows owners to add more resources to the game map such as wood, Ore nodes, loot crates, wild life, ect. Oxide & Mag both have these running.
**Admin speedhack, fly, movement detection. Oxide actually has a couple plugs that do this very nicely.
**Report system, something that allows players to use a command and leave a short message for admins if there sin’t one on.
*Vac checker, so when someone logs on admin will know if they have a previous vac ban from another game and how long ago. Could add an option to auto kick if there vac has been within a certain amount of days.

As ya might have noticed these are basically based around having much more admin control over hackers / cheaters on the server. The double * are what would make me come back to RE hands down. Love how stable RE is and the fact there isn’t a huge amount of different devs working on it so the errors are drastically reduced.

You might want to post this in the Essentials thread, mistad might not see it here, he also has trello so you can leave requests there as well.

Oh wow I saw he posted here but just looked and saw when the post was made. My bad Ya Ill go ahead and put something up in the RE thread…lol