Can I use sprite instead of bunch of small images (DrawTexturedRect or something)

So, Can I or not?

What do you want to ‘use’ it for?

For buttons, I have nearly 30 icons for different buttons or differents states of them.
I mean Can I use single sprite image file instead of bunch of different icons?

Something like: DrawTexturedRect(posx, posy, width, height, image_path, image_startx, image_starty, image_endx, image_endy)


surface.DrawTexturedRectUV lets you choose the starting and ending coordinates of the image/sprite so you can create partial textures, I suppose if you could figure out how to use that it could work.

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The arguements for that function are out of 0 and 1 though, so you would probably have to divide the start and end positions by your image size for it to work

Oh, Thanks a lot! I’ll grid it on 20x20 pieces and set params like 0.05