Can I view models without garrysmod?

Well when I make a skin I get pretty pissed that If I want to view it I have to start gmod. Is there another way that I can easily view models(with the new skins)?

Also I dont have gmod on this computer so i cant use the gameinfo.txt

There is Crafty, but you need to fuck around with it’s config files to get GMod working with it.


If you move all the files into the half-life directory instead, then you should be able to load the model with the source sdk model viewer.

How would I do that?

You move all your models into the hl2 models folder and then start source sdk… ?

Or you create a new mod in source sdk.

Or get SDK and change the game to Garrys Mod and open model viewer.

There isn’t a GMod entry by default.