Can jobs be posted here?

could job/hire be posted here (as a tag)
could problems that need help be posted here

Don’t want to answer for them but I think this isn’t going to happen. I’d recommend using gmodstore if you are looking for work or wanting to hire someone.

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Not sure about Jobs but as of right now you should post all issues here:

Exactly, gmodstore is the best place to seek people to do something for you gmod wise.

i know gmodstore just saying this an extra option

Probably not a good idea. Then you have to worry about scammers, leakers, all that

like gmodstore have the same problem , and past forum was having hire stuff (not skills post tho)

yes but gmodstore has no problem with being the middleman

no am not saying gmodstore is bad , is just having this forum as an extra option, (as not everyone knows gmodstore probably, 40-65% of gmod community )

The percentage of players that know this forum exists is so much lower than that and it’s likely going to stay that way for a long time.

I don’t think it’s a great idea to let people post jobs/hire on this forum anyways, it’d just end up costing a lot of moderator effort for something that’s already being done much better on a custom-built platform like gmodstore.

the percentage will grow as offical stuff are knowing more than un-official . and am not saying doing a job system on the forum but only post of hiring/offering service , no need to be a system like gmodstore . ( or have a saperated category that will better).

You see, gmodstore is on a need-to-know basis, basically, anybody looking to hire somebody googles “gmod jobs”, “gmod freelancer”, “gmod commission” can get the result usually from within top 2 search results. There’s no point arguing about making “jobs” more open to everybody - Whoever wants to create a job, already knows where to go, and if not, they’re 1 google search away from it.

Allowing freelance/job sections on forums would not be worth additional moderation effort, it’d be a nightmare to moderate, actually - Gmodstore bans tens of users every day, they probably collect extensive metrics about you that are used to fingerprint your session, so they can know whenever you’re an alt or not - Garry already said that he does not want to collect any information about the users of the forum, in the past he even dumped native authentication in favor of using your google/steam account, just because he didn’t want to store and process users information.

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and what about offering service post .

in my opinion, having the option to do jobs on an official gmod forum will be great (as the last forum did ) (just an opinion).

past forum moderator was not interacting with jobs payment or information, only interact with the post, see if all described is all good with rules (like hate speech, etc ) (that stuff are between the client and freelancer). am just saying there should be no rule about not posting job-related, seeking for a freelancer (think about it like advert board )

and all of this is just opinion and talking about this option of course .

Moderators will HAVE to be involved regardless, and frankly would be expected to for a SUCCESSFUL implemetation of this. Simply put: if I get scammed on this forum because this is where a job posting was, I will be vocal on THIS forum. Likewise I would trust this forum LESS if it isn’t handled.

I think it’s just not worth it especially if we want to protect the forum from any stupid drama

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