Can JPEG quality go above 100?

Well, can it?


Wrong section, shit sorry :smiley:

The quality can go so high that it becomes a portal into the GMod world, but be careful when you go in the only way out of the GMod Realm is to defeat Garry and his army of Minges. I only know this information because I had a man inside. It’s been two weeks since I heard from him. I fear the worst.

I don’t think it can.

Hahahahahahahaha…oh my god…

And no, I don’t think so…

Take my advice and stop lighting those little plants you find outside your window.

This popped into my head after reading that:

Your reaction is perfectly understandable. Once one of succumbs to this knowledge the weaker people are driven to madness falling deeper into the grasp of Garry Newman until they are nothing but husks assimilated into his Mingebag army and forget all knowledge of their previous selves. Not me, though, I am sane, I will remain sane until the jaws of Garry’s Oblivion exist no more and the gaming world is safe to venture to once more.

Ben has too much imagination

You can alternatively use fraps and get a bmp screenshot

You can never have too much.

To the point were you starting seeing things and taking a shotgun to work, yes.

I’m with you. (Grabbing a magic sword and a scroll of sarcasm +2)

I drive a STRYKER to work.