Can log into all servers BESIDES my current one....Any suggestions for a fix?

After trying to log in to my current server, it stays on loading, then takes my back to the server select screen everytime. However, any other server I choose to connect to, I get in with no problems. Any idea how to fix this? Is this happening to anyone else?

Any console output when you get kicked back to the server screen? Press F1 to open the console.

Sounds like you may have gotten banned from the server, maybe… I could be wrong.

is it YOUR server or someone elses

Well not my server. It’s the one I’m currently playing on. And I shouldn’t have been banned. I wasn’t hacking or anything. I haven’t played in 3 days. Doesn’t make any sense.

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And I opened up the console. Only thing stated is "Connection failed’ nothing else outside of that.

I have this as well. Started about 30 mins ago, I logged out and when I tried to login , the server was gone from my friends list, the general list, and net.connecting to it gives me Connection Failed.

Thanks Voxis for the reply. Good to know at least its not something on my end. Have you found anything on it from Google or anywhere else? I’m really up against a wall here. Doesn’t make any sense why I can’t log in to this one server. I’ve got a friend playing on it now, as well. And of course the “Active Admins” are nowhere to be found.

After 15 more minutes, I am able to now connect normally.

Well I’m stil having no luck.

Happened to my buddy the other night when he DC’d, server admin said his character location corrupted so he could either reset his character which would wipe him or I could kill him. So I did just that and then he was able to login just fine.

That’s odd. I had a friend kill me, and I’m still unable to connect to the server. : / This is beyond frustrating.