can my laptop run this game?

Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-2350M
CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 4044MB RAM

before trying to buy this game i want to know first if i can run it :slight_smile:

What’s your GPU?

Shh…this is where he hides an important feat. on a required basis for anything game related.

I’m guessing Intel HD Graphics 3000

is this my gpu?
Card name: Intel® HD Graphics Family

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yes thats the one :dance:

Lol. Let this emoticon settle the mood and give you a suggestion on what to do if you continue using your current computer: :suicide:

I think it has problems with intel graphics

i can play games pretty good
planet side 2 15-30 fps
league- 120 fps
and dead space 3 without any fps issues

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i guess i cant buy this game then :confused:

-League. A game non-exclusive to content, allocation of space and graphical chuckles, passing itself off as a high definition game.

  • Dead Space isn’t graphically intense at all either.
  • Planet side 2, 15-30 fps, cmon man. You threw yourself under the bus.

Intel GPU’s are shit
end of story

The game isn’t that great on a laptop. My travel laptop is an i7 with radeon 7750 graphics and I barely run the game on 30-40fps and thats around low-mid settings. Also server is laggy sometimes and there is so much rendering on specific objects that may negativly impact your performance.

well i guess ill just wait for neuralbreak then :c

I suggest building another PC.
Your laptop would not be able to run it very well
that’s a shit 400$ PC that is waaay better than your laptop

First of all try playing rust on a laptop and also yes it runs very well on laptop for me i have same stuff as you

How many frames do you get on your laptop? I know of people with decent rigs that struggle to maintain 50-60fps. Also even if you alter your graphical settings you’re at a huge disadvantage.

i can play cod mw3 and get 20-40 fps will i be able to run this game.

how can you people play games on 10-40 fps without hanging yourself Oo?

I have the same computer as you, With Intel HD 3000, It runs rough, around 20 fps or more one the lowest settings. I suggest you update your intel HD v

then get Razor Game Booster, this computer sucks and I bought it for 600 DOLLAS.

is he telling the truth :dance: