Can no longer log in

So I was happily playing, when I got disconnected with the following error message.

Now, whenever I try and reconnect, it gets to around 87% of building the PhysX collision mesh then crashes again with the exact same error message. I suspect my character is bugged or something, so if somebody could reset it, that would be dandy.

I’ll continue trying to reset the cache and trying different browsers etc.

That must suck dude… I feel sorry for you.

So I reset my whole cache and redownloaded everything, and I’m able to connect now, so it seems whatever happened was a local problem with the cache and not the server. Hopefully this helps to narrow down the issue for the devs.

Interesting… I’ve been having this EXACT problem since yesterday… I’ve attempted to clean out the cache and re-download everything but it doesn’t seem to work for me… Maybe I missed something while dumping the cache? I’ll try again, but thanks for the idea!

I did Ctrl + H then “Clear browsing data…”, and ticked every box and did it since “the beginning of time”. That seemed to fix it.

I’m assuming you’re using a desktop?

Shouldn’t matter what you’re using, you can still clear your cache/browsing history.