Can No Longer Use Vehicles

I was messing around in gmod, i use the vehicles over and over but all of a sudden i can’t use it!

I re spawned the vehicle and still couldn’t use it
all I did is turn on the engine, and when i lift it with my physics gun, the wheel is spinning.
I restarted gmod and I still can’t use the vehicles

what is going on?!

My friend had that he said it somethink to do with the stuff you have try taking out the game the cars are in then put them back in.

hope this helps

It probably wont help because we have no idea what the fuck your saying, use grammar.

Actually, that’s the lack of ONE mark of punctuation.

You aren’t so great yourself.

Can’t even spell grammar.

Do these vehicles you can’t use include the Jeep, Jalopy and Airboat?

EDIT–Have you installed any vehicular addons recently? If so, delete them and try again.

Yes its included

I was only trying to help. Im new to garrys mod.

I understand hehe :smiley:

Being new to Garry’s Mod has nothing to do with having the ability to type legibly.

Whatever, this guy cant spell. Just type in whatever language you speak in and we will translate it. Just tell me what language it is after you type it.

Okay i tried what the dude said, it works but it comes back later :frowning:

Did you download something earlier? That could be a problem if it had a bad file in it.