Can not do mods in garry's mod

yes i have the garrys mod and i have noticed that it clearly says to put the mods in the addon folder…well how can i do that when the folder does not exist ? i even tried to make the folder named that and when i do it just makes the mod worse so what do i do? i run windows 7 home premium 64 bit

Make sure you aren’t just putting it in the Garrysmod folder- there’s another folder in that one also called “Garrysmod”. That’s where the Addons folder is.

I wish it were a tad more clear…folders in folders that have identical names make very little sense.

If theres no is no addons folder in username/garrysmod/garrysmod/ make one there

i did but when i did that it just made the mods worse


the folder does not exist their either

What mod is it?

all of them

How, “worse”??

You put the folder that has info.txt inside it in Garrysmod/garrysmod/addons
And no, you have not installed all of the addons.

Please stop calling them mods, because they are not mods.
They are Addons or gamemodes.

Dude relax. He’s just asking for help. Not everybody has the endless wisdom of a coder or helpdesk dude.

thank you


what did i just say ? i said there is no such thing as a folder called addon

Create an addon folder in

Then throw your addons in there. Not all new things for garrysmod are addons so you gotta figure.

If their is no such thing as an addon folder then I call Pirate! on you. Your profile could be some one elses who knows. It’s not that hard to install a ragdoll or anything for Garry’s Mod. If the file has a info.txt file then go to my computer/c/programfiles/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/Addons**(IF IT DOESN’T HAVE ONE MAKE ONE! God…)**

If it doesn’t have one! Then go to my computer/c/programfiles/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/Materials**(Any folder AND DROP THE SHIT IN THEIR!)**

It’s not that hard to install what you call a “MOD

If it still doesn’t work then your a pirate.

End of story.

Stop throwing random ‘you’re a pirate’ shit around. He just isn’t exactly bright and needs help, why are you picking on him? You might want to fix your grammar too while you’re at it.

I’ll pretend that i diden see your comment because if the truth is known, who ever calls a person a pirate is one


Hmm if i would have known that there’s nothing but mean people on here, i wouldn have got on this thing in the first place …and thank you for sticking up …i just might go on steam and get my money back if i can’t get this resloved

Dude you’re just being a dick. personally I suggest you stfu and gtfo. Nobody wants people like you hangin around these types of threads. People are here for 1 of 2 reasons, either to get help, or give help.

Yet if people are here to help then why isn’t any one helping? He still hasn’t fixed his little problem because he doesn’t know shit about computers nor would even know how to make a new folder in another folder which is actually not that hard.


And not all people who call people a pirate is a pirate because I certainly do own Garry’s Mod legally along with all the other games I own, and if you want proof I will provide proof.


And why I’m picking on the little kid? Because others have already told him the same thing over and over, and yet he keeps replying stupid things like “THEIR IS NO ADDON FOLDER!” But it can easily be resolved by creating one and putting his stuff on in there. It’s not that hard to do that at all yet the kid doesn’t want to listen nor even read others reply’s fully. So their is my reason on why I’m picking on him on an easy problem.

if you don’t know how to create a folder, you’re obviously too dumb to know what the power button does on a PC.

Dude… read my fkin shit!! i said i can not do that i have tried it just makes the mods worse besides you need to F Off ! if you aint got nothin nice to say then dont say it at all …Capish!


read entire thread before opening that mouth

Hey moron, A folder doesn’t stop an addon from working, it’s not going to work because your to stupid enough to make a new folder and rename it to be an addon. If it still doesn’t work then maybe their is no info.txt and you obviously can’t read my first post saying what to do with info.txt’s and ones with out that and just materials, models, lua files but of course you were to much of a baby and didn’t read so yea :slight_smile: No one is going to fix your problems if you don’t read.


Also if you want him to shut his mouth then act smart and listen to what others have to say, if you obviously want help then read posts carefully instead of giving up and spazzing out over one single word. People will help you if you can just listen and shut your damn mouth. All you have to do is make a fucking folder and their you go, if it doesn’t work then reinstall Garry’s Mod, If it still occurs then I don’t know what to do for you kid.

fuck you man !


i would love for you to say that in my face …cuz if you did i would fuckin kill you

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This shit’s hilarious. :munch: