Can not find some texture / model files

Hello, here is my problem:

I haven’t updated my GMod for around 4 months and after that i updated it which was 2gb, game directory changed to common on this update, the problem is whenever i start the game physics gun texture is pink and black and some skybox apartments are textured pink and black, plus the hl2 hand model is gone and console gets spammed on the time i use weapons that has hl2 hands on them, i tried verifying cache and everything, but still buggy, thank you!

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Also another problem is about models, I have L4D2 and CS:S installed and updated but game can’t detect them and it wrongly detects CS:G which is the game i haven’t yet bought, also about player models and npcs, some of npcs have a pink and black texture for face and blurred dresses, and many of player models doesn’t work or shows as an “ERROR”

Follow this tutorial:

Also, verify your game’s files.

Tried this, non of them worked for me sadly, i don’t have Source SDK / Source SDK Base / HL2 Installed.

Source SDK doesn’t matter with GMod. Is your Garry’s Mod folder in /steamapps/(username) or /steamapps/common ?

Both after the new update

Delete the one in username if you don’t need any of your custom contet out of it. Drag the one in common to your desktop, or somewhere else safe. Then, go to Steam, delete Garry’s Mod local content, then reinstall.

Tried, still i can’t see skybox, textures and many stuffs!

Try turning off Steam Cloud Syncronization and reinstall.

Re-downloading, but i still think it will be the same, i also deleted the folder of GarrysMod from the common and started re-downloading it, every time i do this i get 2GB for download.

You did turn off Steam Cloud before you reinstalled, right?

Yes i did, every time i install it requires 2gb, steamcloud has 400kb on it only, nothing else. plus re-downloading game contents take me 3 days because of my slow internet connection.

Okay it took me 2 days to download, when i was on 1.9GB of download (2GB is total) my pc re-started and after that all of the download removed, not normal restart just unsafe restart with some of devices removing, means i have to download more 2 days sadly :frowning:

Thank you thousands, fixed!