Can not join any servers because they are "full"

Hi guys,

Just wanted to make sure that this is not only for me (few of my friends have the same issue). We can not join any game server, not only ours but anyone else.

Anyone can confirm me that they have that issue as well?

I presume there is an update in progress or something, because its clearly something that is up with the client.

Thank you & Good Day.

I am having this issue as well, so your not alone

yes same thing here aswell.

Great. Thank you for confirming this for me.

Let’s hope it won’t take long, I wanted to ban few morons from my server :slight_smile:

Noticing the same thing

Yup, can’t connect to any of them, official or community… :-/

edit: If you want it fixed, vote up the bug report:

I don’t understand your point here.

Was posted today, so I figured they would be updating the client, or it was in progress.

One thing for sure, the client is totally fucked right now.

we should have a fix very soon for this, if you have pluton


Yes. I do have Pluton

Same issues here, even after a server restart.
Hit up a Pluton modded server and all got dumped about 10 minutes later.

awww…its friday, about to be off work and this is happening… :frowning:

Guess I need a life…

ANyway you can share the files I have no idea on how to compile the files???

yes my ip is being redirected and my server is not full… I fixed this by changing my ip on my server.

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say now people can connect to my server

You changed IP and it worked? How does that make sense :confused: Actually it does, everything in console loads fine except saying a Network Issue Error.

yea but how does someone change their IP on a hired Streamline game server short of recreating the account? fk that…

any indication of when we’re likely to see a fix for this?

I am trying to test something by adding a new IP on my dedicated server and installing a brand fresh server from scratch and see if it works. But yeah, def. need a clear fix over this, I am still amazed how its not resolved… Is this not suppose to be like Urgent? Anyone knows if the devs. are even aware of this issue?

We have tried IP and port changes, unfortunately it appears that it isn’t resolving the issue. We are currently working with the Pluton developers for a temporary fix.

Cheers uK - updates is all we need to chill us out.