Can not run

So the game launches, I join a server but then I am incredibly slow, slower than the character usually is and it does not look like I can run… help??

Does this happen on every server?

Please post your system specs.

Lagg probably, try another server, if same thing happens on every server. It’s about your computer

Yes this has happened on all the servers that I have tested on.

8 Gb DDR3
I5 2500K
GTX 660 Ti
and game is on 500/500 SSD

Thanks. Hmm. Please post your Nvidia graphics driver’s major version (xxx.xx).

Also, log into Rust, hit F1 to open the console, and type this command: global.fpslog 5

This will print your fps to the console every 5 seconds. Please let us know what kind of framerates you are getting.

I am getting 130-160 FPS and the version is 332.21

Thanks. Huh, this is getting a bit weird. However, there are major server problems with the current patches, so it’s not completely unusual.

Are you on a wired or wireless Internet connection? And since this started, have you played on official servers only, community servers only, or some of both?

I am playing on a wired connection, and this did not happen last night when I went to bed but started when I woke up and went to play. Also I have only been playing on community servers but I just tried joining UK2 and the problem also “existed” there.

On a side note when I looked at the console for FPS I noticed it kept saying
“Resynchronize Clock is still in progress. Please wait X ms”
and this message is repeated over and over again in the console.

What is the make and model of your motherboard?

Also, have you overclocked your computer?

Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H and it is not overclocked

This thing’s a bastard to fix and there seem to be several variants of it.

Pat is one of the Rust devs, and I definitely don’t know more about the game than him, so I’m at the end of things to do. I mean, I could tinker more, but I don’t want to take the risk of wrecking your machine. That wouldn’t be any fun.

Hopefully there’ll be more fixes soon.

Not to be a sour butt, but this cannot go on without getting fixed. Im in a machine far superior than my last one, (Yesterday’s). I Just dropped a grand into a new pc and now I can’t even play rust. Unbelievable. Same issue with the desync. No lag, 120+ fps.