Can not see my server in the list

two days ago I opened Rust Legacy server but when I start the client and I click on “Play Game” I do not find my server in the list. All other users that I have contacted have this problem.
I have to take some special steps to enter my server in the list? Or should I just wait a bit of time?

Sorry for my English and thanks for the support.

Mate, I have 2 Questions. Do rent a server? or Do you run your server from home?

I maybe able to help

Does your server name include symbols? And, if you are hosting your server from home, are you opening ports for it? If so, which?

The server is on a VPS with all ports open, indeed the server is working correctly, I can access it with the client console by pressing F1 and entering server IP, but can not find it in the list .

The server name is: [ITA/ENG] MisterRust Legacy

Try taking out the square brackets from the front of the name (put them at the end or leave them off entirely).

I removed the square brackets and now works.
Thank you very much for your support!