Can not wood, stone, and food gathering!!!!


I have the problem in “RUST” that I can no wood, stone, or collect food with the stone in his hand. Although he strikes the trees, nothing happens. The inventory will be empty. A reconnection with the server did not help, the problem I have with all servers! Have the game already reinstalled and even the Steam troubleshooting tried but without success. The problem I have to since the beginning!

Please HELP ME!! PLEASE!!!

Sorry for my bad english

My system:
Intel Quadcore 6600
4 GB Ram
EVGA NVidia Geforce GTX 560 ti (Nvidia driver ver. 331.82)
Windows 7 64bit

An information , it can not see me on the servers ! I am moving on the servers as a ghost .

You’re not the only one getting this issue. The devs acknowledged it on the front page of the website so all there is to do is wait for a patch sadly.

Oh ok, thx for your info.

this is still not fixed, I suffer from the same thing :frowning: