Can only recieve weapons by right clicking them and then pressing E

Okay, I’m really pissed. The ONLY way I can recieve weapons is by right clicking the icon and then pressing e on the dropped item. Also, other things just aren’t going right and I have no clue what’s the source of the problem.

Re-install Gmod, best solution.

Wait, won’t that delete all my mods? I really want to keep them, as I have WAY to many mods to re-install.

Yes it will, and most likely its one of your addons which is causing it.

The thing I don’t understand is that I deleted all of the mods that I had downloaded when I started to get this problem.
:edit: the only thing I find good about this is the fact that during a machinima I don’t end up accidentally picking up weapons.
Just wondering, is there no key or whatever that I accidentally turned on that causes this?

Is there something inside you maybe?

(i.e. a physics prop Player Welded to the inside of your torso, you’re noclipped halfway under the map…)

I have no clue. But how would that help the fact that when I click on a weapon icon I have to right click so it drops on the ground, and then I have to press e to get it.

I dunno, was pulling it out of my ass.

Okay I’m sorry for bumping a dead thread, but I would REALLY like to know if re-installing Gmod and possibly all of my addons is the only way to work?