Can other people use my addons online?

I have the nuke pack 4 and I was wondering why people cant use it! On my server people say they cant use there addons either and they normally can. Can someone help?

I’m using evolve and the nuke pack and the drugz mod

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do you need my server.cfg??

The addons need to be installed on the server itself. Client mods can’t do what you said because that would be batshit insane.

haha I thought about that myself but I did put the Nuke pack in the servers addons but the people say they cant spawn it:( Is there something that I have to enable?

Can you spawn it yourself, on your server while people are on? Some addons only allow admins to spawn their things.

Hence the shield on the Ents/Weapons.

Really? thats what that means… Thanks guys