Can pass trough door and props only in multiplayer

Hi, yesterday i compile my new map based on rockford and all work perfectly in single player with no issue or bug but when i launch my server my the new custom map i realize i can pass trough some door(not all) and some props(not all) and i don’t know wath i can do to fix this ! Someone can help me. I have this video : [video][/video]


What what ??

I think he’s trying to explain that collions are off on some models, do you have addons running on your server which might cause it ?

they are custom props.
if you didnt pack them in the map, the server wont have them.

so the map might look working for you, but the server doesnt have any of the prop, so you pass through them.

send it to any friend and the props will all be error

Yeah I have the Falco’s Protection props and Enforcer I can try to unistall it and i will reply tou after

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Ok so i need to put the model and material in one workshop addon ?

Pack the custom models and materials in the map with Pakrat (or VIDE)

Tanks you It’s working ! Have a nice day.