Can people get banned for downloading CS:S content?

Hey guys, i’ve noticed that alot of people have been downloading CS:S materials, models etc (EDIT: From because they don’t actually own the game.

I’m pretty sure that this is illegal but, as the title says, I would like to know if people can get VAC banned for downloading CS:S content, for garrys mod.


(I have no intention of downloading such content, I would jus like to know the anser to the question)


You probably not get VAC banned, though steam can if they decide is worth it, take your whole account if you break ToS, which this is

Ok dude thanks, you just reminded me how much i love Facepunch :smiley:


See, one thing i don’t understand is how to valve actually find out, if someone has got this sort of content?

ITT: OP wants to download CS:S content and wanted to check if it was warez before he did the same

Understand why you would think that but, I already have CS:S :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think so but why don’t you just buy the game?

It’s impossible for them to detect if you had that content pirated on your pc. That would be spyware. Spyware=illegal and even if it wasn’t someone would have found it by now. WoN went down a while ago and steams been around for quite a while.


you olny get vaced for cheating in a game

no other way