Can people stop making troll backgrounds?

It is seriously pissing me off. While most backgrounds, if not all of them are even decent, like this:, is a place for people to post what they made. Why is there a hugeass background war in Why? I don’t get why people have to troll all the time. This background goes against go-againsters of backgrounds, but why even make this.

i hate backgrounds so i’m gonna make a background saying how much i hate backgrounds

Why do people care if people upload backgrounds? It’s not like it’s affecting them, hell why does have a comment box in the first place? That’s why we have FP. :3:

They had to find a place to occupy all the flamers/trolls.

I have been trying to make a moving background for Gmod, you know the ones that you see when you play Half Life 2? really annoying to get it right.

that actualy sounds pretty cool

I’m pretty sure that it’s a map, and while it’s loading the game, it has a background of the map, blurred out (is that right?) and when it loads, it loads a map with the camera fixed on a certain axis.

Background maps would be annoying to have in GMod as the only way you could implement them is have it so the game loaded and then the map loaded, meaning it would take ages before you could actually start playing the game.

But if you don’t mind waiting, go for it.