Can people take screenshots of me?

Can servers, admins, or normal players take screenshots of my game? What does it mean when the console says screenshot requested? If this is possible, how can I stop the screenshot from being sent, or at least send them an image already saved on my computer, maybe saying something along the lines of “Why do you need to see my screen”?

Someone’s a bit paranoid :v:

That means that you pushed the screenshot button, thus, you “requested” the game to take a screenshot.

Yes, servers can have scripts that allow people to request screenshots of your game.

If you’ve got a dll injector and are on Windows you could use It replaces any screenshot taken in-game with a pink screen (and it will break generated spawn menu icons, save file icons, dupe icons etc.).

Download’s available @

there’s also lua scripts that can block this feature and send whatever image you want to the server, i have one that sends a fullscreen goatse to the admins :v:

Only reliable if you can run your code before the server’s. The sort of thing dirty cheaters do :o.

How do I do it?

Wiox’s module can be adapted to display goatse. You’ll probably get banned if you make it that obvious.

Yes people can screenshot your screen. Admins usually do it to look for hackers. Just keep in mind that returning a false picture for the screenshot will more then likely get you banned by the admin taking the screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

i need to run my code before autorun to use my complicated suite of sensory scripts that can automatically tell me if a server is cancerous and exactly how much cancer is present

scripts such as:
if gmod.GetGamemode().Name == “DarkRP” then print(“cancer levels 100%! apply chemotherapy immediately!”)

Can a dll injector get you VAC banned, even if your using it to stop screenshots?

Absolutely, but VAC bans don’t do anything in gmod. It would be nice if a pop-up came on your screen saying “(Steam Name) has tried to take a screenshot of you” then you could choose from presaged images or send a live image, and on their screen it would look like it is requesting it. There would also be a button to deny it (if possible) or send them a corrupted file.

Not really, unless you’re injecting super old and detected cheats or editing the .text region if I recall correctly.

VAC bans do work in GMod, VAC is just useless nowadays, as well as GAC. They don’t really do anything.

VAC only bans for cheats :downs:. My track record with VAC is that it doesn’t give a fuck.

Not really. It’d have to be a blocking operation, meaning that your game would freeze during the pop-up. That doesn’t sound very fun to me.

You need to keep in mind that you might get banned for cheating if you make it obvious that you are interfering with the screenshot mechanism. Most people are of the narrow opinion that anyone messing with their stuff is a cheater, as opposed to a privacy-minded individual like yourself.

How would it freeze your client during the popup? What do you mean by a “blocking operation”

That’s why the thing I have in mind would be able to send a live image if I wanted to, if I’m doing something private like chatting with someone else on the server, I could close the chat window and send them a live image

The code that is taking an image of your screen can’t just be “paused” without pausing the entire application. It’s ran in the main thread of the game and has to complete (or potentially be skipped) before anything else continues.

Oh, so wouldn’t you have to have an external application to alter the screenshot image? Because if your’re going to stop the image from being sent, and the game has to be frozen to stop the screenshot operation, the lua code wouldn’t be able to be run without being frozen too.

The module I linked you to previously (in short) modifies the method used to take screenshots so that your screen is cleared before it processes.

Wait, so if someone tried to take a screenshot of me, and I had your dll injected into gmod, I still wouldn’t notice if someone tried to take a picture?

You’d notice purely by the message it attempts to send via chat. There is no code in the module that specifically warns you of people trying to take screenshots. There’s also a chance of false positives as there are valid scripts that use the same function (spawn menu icon generation, save file screenshots).