Can place ladder even if no building permission - @garrynewman (/main)

he just want all base under attack by pucking newbie with only radder

we can griefing all base with just radder wow!

we could be killed by attacker who just camping on our base when we go out from base :smiley:

newbie apocalypse is comming

and rust is going to puckig very harcord

You already posted your garbled opinion in the other thread, did you really need to turn right around and make a thread saying the same shit?

garbled opinion?
same shit?


that thread dont told us what the updated is comming exactly in title

ppl need to know what update is comming from title

stop making shit on my thread

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - UberMensch))

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - UberMensch))