Can players climb through windows?

I guys i had two chaps in my base and they got in through the windows is this some kind of exploit or are you supposed to be able to get through windows


yes was in last patch you can now jump in windows… which is kinda dumb… maybe they will have it so you can upgrade your windows to bars etc

i saw a post from dev but it was not exactly clear what he ment

dev blog

"I fixed a few things with building. I fixed being able to place the sleeping bag inside of walls, and therefore be able to spawn your way into someones base. I fixed not being able to climb through windows. I fixed a number of broken materials… especially on the (still very much placeholder) transition animations. I fixed being able to place railings across doorways.£

“I fixed NOT being able to climb through windows!”

Therefor you can now climb through windows.

Can confirm-- just hopped through the window of someone’s level 6 base and hatcheted him to death. <3

Last time I checked (back when you used to be able to jump through windows) you could place a railing right next to a window to prevent people from jumping through your window. I don’t know if this is still works since Garry said he fixed the whole railing next to doors grief exploit. It may have had other implications that were not intended (or maybe they were intended).

what did you guys think would happen when you have an open window on the ground floor?

hopefully window bars will be added in the future, but it only makes sense to be able to climb, attack and loot through an open window:)

Heh, I just got out of the habit of placing any windows on the bottom two floors, because even before you could climb through windows, people could still loot your furnaces and wooden storage boxes, or deploy a sleeping bag through the window and spawn inside.

Long and short, don’t place windows in rooms you don’t want people entering!

Yes if you just read the main website when they have updates it specifically says you can climb through windows. You used to be able to do it and it was a bug when it stopped working. Now they have corrected the bug to allow you to jump through windows agian.

How ever i think they should have left it the way it was until they added the ability to make metal bars for windows. It was pretty messed up to just suddenly allow people to jump through windows. I raided 138k metal ore (tons of other things as well) just by jumping through windows this last weekend. Also the DDOS and server troubles all weekend made it hard for anyone to get online and play.

Yes alpha is alpha but i think it would have been better if they just left it so people could not jump through windows until they added metal bars.

Totally agree …if they changed it to been ableto get through windows then they should have introduced matal bars at the same time

Again (because it appears some of you didn’t read my post above), last I checked, you had a way to prevent people from climbing through windows by placing a railing next to the window. I don’t know if this still works after Garry’s fix for putting the railing in front of the door exploit, but this is how people used to do it.

That’s a good idea, why didn’t the developers think of that…wait a minute, didn’t there used to be bars on the windows? Why would you release a patch to Fix it so you can jump in windows and not release a window upgrade to prevent it? Now all buildings will have no windows until such time as they release iron bars or similar. They will need to be painstakingly developed and retextured over several months. But hey that’s Rust people. :slight_smile:

It’s not all doom & gloom folks-- just use the railing for now, its probably cheaper than bars would cost anyway.

or don’t make windows on the bottom floor.

You make a window on any floor and your going to get raided. The higher you make it the uglier the construction will be to get to it. :slight_smile: