Can Rust Really Be Played Solo?

I have been playing rust for a month or two now, I have watched countless Youtube videos. I have teamed and run a lone wolf life, and all I can see is the only way to really become one of the “top dogs” of the server is to get into a big clan and just KILL EVERYTHING. Can anyone prove me wrong?

It can be “enjoyed” solo, but it is tough. No doubt about that.

You don’t have to join the clans, as long as you’re friends with them. I play on a server wich most of the time has 50/50 peeps. I have a big base and can create everything, and still play alone. Juist be nice to the big clans. The fight each other but I’m friends with all. Sure I got killed sometime bij some other lone wolf or bandit. But that’s it.

I run solo on one server and I’m doing quite well. It’s not easy but it is fun!

On the server I own I’m in a group but I don’t play much because I’d rather admin. That’s why I play on another server when I can. To get my game on…and I love doing it solo.

as the #1 bandit on rust “OFFICIAL”

i play solo 90% of the time. i get called a hacker for 5v1’n kids
is it hard? for the first while yes

once you learn that your better than 99.9% of everyone else, it becomes easy.

that is awesome. I play solo too and don’t find it too hard, but gearing up takes longer.

You can probably just admit that you are better than everyone, so just say

well, just because i am the #1 bandit from the official leaderboard, and during my time was the best shot and ran the server doesnt mean that now that its been released to steam and 900k more players have joined there cant be someone who can out gun me. tho i havent found him yet

So you never died in Rust Mr.Amazing?

I play solo and really enjoy it. I got a wooden shelter with metal door inside a rad town so that I have an easy access to loot crates which saves me on crafting stuff like ammo and weapons.

It is all about you mindset, you are not a prey you are a hunter. So play like one.

You know that shetlers can be broken down, right?
The metal door was just a waste of metal.

It is a temp base. If it gets raided, all they will find there will be maybe one gun and 10 ammo to it, depending on a gun. And a sleeping bag.

My main weapon is a bow and I also play without a base/storage containers and so on. So more like a nomad.

I run solo, I have a hidden base on a 5-50 active player server. I’ve never been raided because I know how to build very properly. Although I could use some upgrade on my shooting skills. But overall I’m doing fine.

Also, its more fun to not have everything. Cause if you are the dominant player on the server (I’ve been there) there’s no challenge and its boring.

I play solo rust is so easy, people are just to dumb these days and dont no the basics of survival.

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its hard

i use to play solo and wreak havok on enemy players because its hard to detect 1 guy alone in the dark. i would harass/troll groups of 12 year olds by lobbing grenades into their bases, have them come out searching and pick them off. or build large fences around their bases and make them burn their C4.

I pretty much only play solo and highly enjoy it. I moreso consider myself a “freelancer” as I don’t have an allegiance to a clan/team. I also don’t have to worry about “allies” secretly plotting to off me while they are stealing stuff from me and moving it to their secret place somewhere. As was said, people are less likely to suspect someone who runs alone to be the guilty party who broke into their place.

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you will learn in time :slight_smile:

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If u want to be on the top, just learn to shoot straight in their heads from long distances.

I play solo all the time, but I have made friends on the server I play on, specifically the admins :stuck_out_tongue:

But even before I made friends with the admins on this server, I played on a number of other servers as a solo player and have gone after bases and groups of 6-8 players with hit & run tactics, held my own, raided bases and died very few times.

And my base is pretty far away and well hidden with many defensive tactics like logging off away from my base between some random rocks with all my valuable stuff on me, plus my base being low and wide, using 1x1 secured rooms that force players to use plenty of C4 to get anywhere.

Yes, it is more challenging as a solo player, but I love it.

I don’t have to rely on others and I don’t have to share my spoils or my resources.

Once in a while I will ally with others and help them out for a common goal, but other than that, I roam on my own and use stealth to my advantage.

Am I on the top of the food chain of the server I am currently on?

Not exactly, as the admins have a much bigger base and much more going for them than I, but I’m in the top tier of the food chain and I’m quite happy with my current position, all things considered.

I don’t ask the admins for any special treatment or help, meanwhile everybody else on the server is constantly asking them to give them this or help them with that, or switch it to day time (annoys the living hell out of me because I like the night)… and that’s another reason why the admins like me… I don’t ask for anything, I don’t mooch, and yet I will help them with trouble makers when they need a contractor to keep their distance.

Playing solo is the best because the rewards are higher, as well as the stakes. When you succeed, you feel a hell of a lot better than when you have to share your victories with others.

Even when others don’t know I raided them or did something amazing, I know I did and I play for myself, not for others.