Can s2 hammer scale by exact numbers?

I’m messing around with scaling and want to scale the full xyz of a mesh/model 2x the size. Is there a way I can get a popup where I can type in “2.0” and click checkboxes for x,y,z for an exact re-scale? Moving the mouse by itself on the re-scale tool doesn’t give me the precision I’m after.



Sweeet, thanks!

The following trick also works. While dragging with the Scale tool, note this value in the lower right toolbar:


This is the multiplication factor along the current axis/axes that’s used during the scale operation. After releasing the mouse button, you can type in a number and press Enter (both on the numpad) to override the multiplication factor that was applied in the last scale operation.

This lets you use exact values, and it’s especially useful when the existing scaling factor isn’t exactly 1,1,1. Plus, it also works with the Translate and Rotate tool.

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Oh man, I’m on numpad-less keyboard so can’t check that out. That sounds like a fast way to get things done. Thanks