Can see through prop.

So basically i was finished with a prop and with its textures, so i made their files and moved it to garrysmod addon folder. It would spawn ingame with its textures but then, this happened.[/t]

As you can see this is a car prop, and you can see the seats though the car door.

Here is another one


This one you can see the engine of the car through the trunk

And the last one


Can someone help?

In the VMT it could be set to

    "$basetexture" "path/to/tex"
    "$translucent" 1


if it is remove “$translucent 1”

Ahh yes thanks alot! That made it much much better.

I have another question, when i drag my car into the air with the psyhgun and unselecting, it slowly comes to the surface. I guees this has to do with the gravity. Can you give me the commands?

What is the .QC?

$modelname “ford_mustang_gt.mdl”

$BodyGroup “Mustang”
studio “ford_mustang_gt.smd”


$surfaceprop combine_metal

$cdmaterials “ford\mustang”

$sequence idle “ford_mustang_gt.smd”

$collisionmodel “ford_mustang_physics.smd”

Right click with the physgun to freeze the model

Haha lol, I mean the command in the .QC

Woops didn’t read the last part. Maybe $mass is what you’re looking for.

$mass <float|kilograms>
Manually set the mass of the model, in kilograms.
Tip: By default, the Player can +USE pick up 35KG max. The gravgun can pick up 250KG max. The portal gun can pick up 85KG max.

$modelname	"ford_mustang_gt.mdl"

$BodyGroup "Mustang"
studio "ford_mustang_gt.smd"


$surfaceprop	combine_metal

$cdmaterials	"ford\mustang"

$sequence idle	"ford_mustang_gt.smd" 

$collisionmodel	"ford_mustang_physics.smd"
	$mass 100