Can sombody explain how to set up FastDL on Garry's Mod as opposed to CS:S?

This may seem like a stupid question, but I’m utterly confused on how to set up a FastDL for Garry’s Mod.
I understand the concept of a FastDL, and I’ve set them up perfectly on all of my old Counter-Strike : Source servers, but I really am lost right now, because the files never seem to download correctly. I’ve heard about the whole cache files part, but what do I do after that? Do I still upload the whole addon, or just the models and materials needed for it?

Also, does anybody know a good free host that I can use as a temporary alternative for a FastDL host? My paid host is being a pain in the ass right now.

I could setup a fastdownload for you if it was not for long i get unlimited bandwidth and space so if you want me to host it add me to steam “Fishcss”

Nevermind, I got my FastDL set up and now it actually downloads files to the clients… my next question is how do I get the files to stay with the client?

Don’t they get put into the client’s cache folder?

If your sv_dowloadurl is set up incorrectly it could force the client to take the files every time, making it seem as if they didn’t keep the files.

If the files are downloaded everytime they are not being downloaded.

This gives an explanation of what most of the stuff does.

… which is usually indicated by “ugliness” ingame, like error models, checkerboard textures, and a broken gamemode.

The best way is to have your webhost have direct access to the server files. So setup virtual paths pointing to the server files. You’ll need to add “cache”, “models”, “materials”, “sounds”, “maps”. You don’t need to add lua. Also, any custom content will need to be shifted out of addons or gamemodes and into the root folders.

Sorry but i need help(thats what this forum is for!). I am running a webhost from my server(a real dell server, not my home-pc) at around 30 mbps for downloads and around 10 mbps for uploads, both my [MK] servers and website run from this spot. The webserver works, but i cant get the server to download maps, right! I did setup virtual directories stright to my server files! HELP!!!