Can some one do a headhack for me?

What I’m asking for doesn’t seem very complicated.

I basically want the male_09 rebel head (and beanie)

on the survivor guy model in this pack

And before you say “Oh just replace the facemap of the survivor guy model”

The model in that pack isn’t faceposable that’s why I want it done.

Thank you in advance.


Well, I head hack Male_09 onto the SurvivorGuy’s body, but it needs to be rigged.

Seriously? Crap. I will see if I can find some one who is willing to do it.

Is okay, FT is trying to rig the model.

Seriously? Awesome!

Many thanks!

Also, he’s trying to make Eric and SurvivorGuy face poseable. I just left SurvivorGirl out, unless you needed her.

Yeah if you can it would be pretty cool. But thanks in advance. (again)

Well, the rigging is messed up, guess you need to find someone who can rig it for me.


Well I can try to get someone but I mostly want those models faceposable.

Well so do I, I need it for some poses.

Same SurvivorGuy is gonna be the main character for my Zombie master comic.

Wait. Is the rigging for the faceposable ones that FT is making or just the head hack one?

Both of them, but the rigging failed.

I’ll see what I can do.

K. If I can can you give me the models and such? So I can have them ready to give them to anybody who would wanna rig them

Hmm which did you wanted rigged?

I think he wanted the beanie less Erdim model that I hacked and I need it rigged.

And Rusty’s Zombie Survivors Pack to be face-posable.

Oh, I think rusty sent me this before, gotta check if i still have it around.

But ya i can do this if needed. Just got to add this in my request list then.

So are you willing to rig the beanie less version of SurvivorGuy?

Don’t forget the faceposable versions of all them! :buddy: