Can some one help get Dante onto CSS?

Hey I’m looking for some one who can replace one of the CT’s with Dante, Pretty much from my release(Well S-Lows but I released it in public.) I really don’t know how to compile or recompile Not really sure which one of those I’m wanting, just pretty much wanting the model replacing a CT.


I could do this when I get back from vacation, which is like in three days

K thanks, I’ll be patient so no worries :slight_smile:

Dude if your going to be ripping from Dante’s Inferno, you should totally rip
Isaac Clarke from it, I preety shure hes a special playable character.
Things are slow with isaac being ripped from dead space so if you can rip him from inferno then you will be a god damn hero.

I’m not talking about Dante’s Inferno, I hate that game. So please read carefully, I posted my thread of Dante from Devil May Cry 4 so please do read.
And yet this thread has nothing to do with Ripping models.




Not only is that the wrong game, but the model has already been ported by S-low.

I ment by Compiling! The model is originally for Servers and not a normal thing you download from like Fpsbanana or something…Pretty much wanting Dante to replace a CT model.

So read :smiley: lol

Ok Im sorry that Im a noob I didnt know what game it was cuz well I havent played either of them, I was just going by the title and the name ‘Dante’
but eh is the issac model available to download? cuz a whole load of ppl want that model dude.

…You do realize you can simply replace one of the EXISTING ct models with the Dante model by copy and paste right? Rename the dante model gsg9.mdl and put it in the right path where the gsg9. mdl went, Poof. Instant CT, Client sided.

Make sure the server you’re playing in is sv_consistency 0.

THIS ISNT ABOUT ISAAC! GOD DAMN! I don’t care about Isaac so please go to the little their all about Isaac cause I was requesting Help not some kid to ask for some one that doesn’t have an Isaac model jesus…

Uh, actually you have to decompile, rename it and the folder path in the QC, and then compile

Uh, actually you don’t, as all the SAME requirements and the model’s paths already point to and are pointed to the model. Half of my current client CSS models are server-side models, with the .mdl simply renamed and moved to replace the original Valve model.

Ok I just learned decompiling but I don’t get how to get Dante onto CSS, Do I use dantes models and do the same thing? but still wondering how it will replace the models.

In the QC, where it says “$modelname”

Make the line so it says $modelname “Player/CT_sas” or whatever you want it to replace. Save and compile the file

Now copy the new models into your CSS folder (Unless you compile it there) and materials into your CSS folder

But the dante model wont work for the decompiling, it just said it doesnt work :stuck_out_tongue:

I can just do it when I get back but if you want to try for now, whats the error?

Dante’s Mdl wont like decompile er w/e, I looked up the tutorial on Fpsbanana and the model i got from Gcf scape er what ever it worked but not dantes mdl

I’ll get it working for CSS, preference to what Counter terroist?

If you want can you rigging spawn and batman for CS:S?
thank are in this pack

Any ct is fine with me and thank you.