Can some one make a really good Prison map to my new Gamemod (not Gjail)?

This thread/project is dead.

I would appreciate if a moderator could lock the thread.

Just find a counter-strike: source jailbreak map.

I love how you’re the ideas guy.

What about dm_lockdown? Extend it a bit and viola

Ok, thx for the help guys.
But, just tell me if any mapper is intrested in joining our team…
PrisonRP will be a big release.

I will be willing to map - I would only be able to really work on weekends tho

made me lol, you’re basicaly the ideas man.

So really OP you have nothing to do with the entire project apart from some ideas? Not even a little bit of Lua, Mapping, Modelling or Texturing. I’m sure the other guys good have come up with a “Story” if thats what you want to call it for a gamemode.


In HL2, the prison (can’t remember what it’s called) is mostly a single prop.

Just thought I’d share that :slight_smile:


What do you mean you disgree? I’ve spawned it in hammer.

I wasn’t guessing.

1 question about your PrisonRP, is it DarkRP based?

The entire prison… Isn’t a prop.

Actually, it is, but it’s just used on top of the cliff when you’re still on the beach. Once you get up to the real prison levels, the prison is made out of brushes.

So the exterior model is… You can’t say the entire prison…