can some one make the cod black ops weps please!!

Thanz if some one makes it,n can he/she upload it to mediafire please :slight_smile: thans

Welcome to Facepunch. If you keep typing like that, we’ll eat you the fuck alive.

Jesus your grammar and your american… how old are you?

And why do you want it uploaded to MediaFire?

He’s obviously a pirate that’s 9 years old and can’t spell for shit.

inb4 codfags.

i can make you some drawings if that’s ok

Get your crayons and draw the weapons.

Or learn how to make them yourself.

They already exist

Time for math.

American + Terrible grammar/spelling + 1337 cool letters around name + CoD request + First post here =

Age of 7 minimum.

  • that deviantart page

really are you one to talk?

All OP’s are registered as Americans

Check out the Sticky at the very top of this forum. It has all the information you need.

Wondering why it’s wrong to be american

Research before you put out a request.

Why the hell did you even bump this thread?

I had a Pirated version of Garry’s Mod, and it isn’t possible to get addons on it.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated Gmod" - Craptasket))


Ok nice knowing you

His username makes me want to cry blood.