Can somebody explain how my base is raided ??

I was playing in Amsterdam 3 Facepunch server. My base was had 4 floor and one roof floor. My toolbox was on 3rd floor. I was not using any staircases in first and second floors. My base was on a flat area no rocks or anything near to me. Today I get in the game but my base hase gone. They didnt explode even my door I can still open them but they make an extra door for themselves on back wall. I dont care that my base is taken but Its really annoying to not know how they took your base. How would you take that kind of base ? If you need more detail about my base pls ask me Thanks for answers…

I’m guessing they blew up a wall, entered, made their way to your tool cupboard, authorized themselves, then re-added the wall. Failing that, they may have blown out panels on your upper floors, gained access to your tool cupboard, added themselves, then had their fun. It’s also possible they used a twig raid tower.

thx for answer but I couldnt get how they make their way to 3rd floor ? If they blow floors, they need to predict the location of cupboard ? (ıts on 3rd floor and there is not any oppening on that floor to see it. also they need lots of rockets to blow up 3rd floor.)
also raid towe is quite impossible because my base is narrow rectengular and tall. So Im sure there is no way to get in.

Maybe they got lucky and blew the right tile.
You said your base is 4 floors, that’s not tall at all.

As others have said, if they found a way to get in through the roof via raid tower it would be a simple matter to gain access to your cupboard and repair what damage they caused to mess with you.

can get in a building with four floor if its on a flat area and if there was any rock around ?

Yup. Build a siege tower out of twigs.

C’mon u cant build close enough to jump in ! if its a large building maybe it can work but if its narrow ?

I don’t know how narrow you’re talking about but if it’s at least 2x2 it’s doable.

How many cupboards did you have? How good was their placement?

You need a cupboard in every corner (even for something like a 2x2) otherwise its pretty easy to twig-tower jump onto the roof.

Single cupboard in the middle isn’t good enough.

you can always build a tower. first you stand on the edge of the building block zone and you look in direction of the house. standing there, you can actually build a few foundation in front of you even if they’re built in the no-build zone. the no-build zone only affect the player, not the building you are placing. so you build a twig tower in front of you, as far as you can into the no-build zone, by standing just outside of the no-build zone. to acces that tower, you build another twig tower just outside the no-build zone. when you’re high enough, you make a diving board of 2 floors, then place a huge 6meter signs . it looks like this : . In this case it was easy, the cupboard was 1 or 2 floors below the cieling and in the center of the base. the jump made me lose less than 30hp. Sometime the cubpoard is in the corner and you lose more hp, but most of the time its possible to make the jump without dying.

thats is how i raid any house that have no stairs. is it cheap ? certainly not. most of people puts many layers of armored cieling on top of their house, and baricade, so i need to spend as much explosive as a normal house.

I knew I was missing something with my raid towers - the sign makes the difference. Thanks for explaining this since there are no up to date tutorials.

While I don’t agree with you that any tower can be towered successfully, most can be entered with the help of towering in some way.

I think more boxes are a good thing but I don’t think you need them one bit if you are talking about a 2x2 as someone mentioned. One thing a lot of Noob players- this could be a lot of you out there- is that they tend to forget that the first box placed is the main box and pay no attention to the order of the boxes placed. The order and priority of the boxes placed is important. Usually once I have my base built up I will destroy all the boxes and replace them so that there is no way you could get to a box easy that had priority.

I would like to see a picture of your base. I’ll give my best guess and tell you how I’d try. This is always something I like to try to figure out- the how did they do it or more frequently, how can I do it. I get accused of all kinds of stuff while raiding and I usually offer to show people how I easily walked up their rock base or jumped on something random to get up. This usually makes people more mad and they don’t want to see. Maybe you can ask around, some people would be more than happy to (courteously surprisingly) show you how they did it. I know I would.