Can somebody fix this?

Ok,so i downloaded this: and found out that models and textures were broken. Plus,the combine female assassin AI is pretty dumb,as she HAS weapons,wut if the weapons in spawn menu are not selected,she behaves like she has no weapons. Con somebody please fix this?

Dumb question, did you install it correctly?

You can either do that, or stick an info.txt file into the folder. Thats what I usually do.

I did all properly,i even made an info.txt. It’s just a few errors. That i don’t know how to fix :smith:

Did you download and spawn them? You will know what i am talking about.

Im having the same problem. I’ll just delete the file, as I have no interest in NPCs, but your predicament is a bit complicated.

I’d say its a problem on the uploaders behalf, though I can’t cement that theory until there are multiple witnesses.

I was correct:

I deleted them,as the crator quit.

i dont seem to have problems