can somebody help me how decompile models from game Kholat ?

For start need open File PAK in game. Thx All finished models will post here .Promise

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is it ureal engine
Dont have much experience with port from this engine.Teach me

What do you need extracted?

need open file .PAK

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I like prop models of train from this game

Download Umodel:

put umodel.exe and SDl2.dll in same folder as the PAK files

make sure to override the game to Unreal 4.7 or it will show an error when exporting

Train models are in Kholat/Vehicle

How shoud I override the game to Unreal 4.7 ?
Oh have it thx

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ok now need some convert PSKX to obj or fbx I use blender or xsi mood tool for modeling can you help me?

I did port of some small models .But I tryed port model locomotiva and is broken every time.Can help me solve it ?

Use the actorx importer for 3dsmax:

If you do not have 3dsmax, use the educational version:

here is the download for the locomotive:

let me know if you need anything else ported

Actualy you teached me all only am using Blender for port. But dont know why was only this model broken.
Have small wish.Cant find statues in game Haunted House Cryptic Graves. There are fantastic statue models but cant find them.

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wanna ask that is possible get in to dying light files?

What statues? There are gargoyles, Aphrodite, lion’s head, etc.

Aphrodite (94k polys!)

yeah aphrodite for example but I dont see it there.
If posible port me all thx

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How you know whitch override use?

override to Unreal 4.5, I just guessed and checked

aphrodite model+texture:

Sopholes model+texture:

Dont know how say thx