Can somebody help me? (maps)

My friend is rebuilding his server and is going to make it a WW2 server (really just drp but re skinned and different guns)

Right now we are focusing on the map, so can anyone show me some good maps that fit his needs?

Thatdamnbrit: 5:17 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): want to know the setting?
5:17 PM - Thatdamnbrit: sure
5:17 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): its based in a small town in russia, this is before germany betrayed russia
5:17 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): there isnt an opposing force… because its a small town
5:18 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): there is an army, but a small one
5:18 PM - Thatdamnbrit: so it’s rp set in Soviet Russia
5:18 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): yea
5:18 PM - Thatdamnbrit: sound better than WWII RP
5:18 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): the army tolerate a small amount of local vigilantie’s (CP’s basically)
5:19 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): however if the head of the small squad (who is basically the mayor) call a lockdown it means that its martial law
5:19 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): and the army take over all control
5:19 PM - Thatdamnbrit: will there be a KGB job?
5:20 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): the entire roleplay is just citizen based jobs (not the actual normal job citizen, but non-army jobs, ie. the army works with a town medic as opposed to a specific army medic job)
5:20 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): there will be spies
5:20 PM - Thatdamnbrit: is it a cakescript mod?
5:20 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): but they will be moreso the town spieing
5:20 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): in terms of army
5:20 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): there is only army and its squad commander
5:21 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): no shitty random spetznaz or half a million army jobs
5:21 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): anyway
5:21 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): how does it sound?
5:21 PM - Thatdamnbrit: cakescript?
5:21 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): your probably asking
5:21 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): “Where does the actual use of guns or fighting come in?”
5:21 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): well
5:21 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): should the town choose to
5:22 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): they can have attempts at uprising, or taking over military bases or etc
Blachool: back
Thatdamnbrit: 5:22 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): the tone of the town is mystery, nobody fully knows whats going on
5:22 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): the army know therve just been told to control that area
5:23 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): and the civies know not much more
5:23 PM - Thatdamnbrit: questions:1. What map?
5:23 PM - DeathAndBeyond (2): at the moment its rp_silenthill


He is looking for a mysterious, dark, map that fits germany.

Thanks and links to whatever map you suggest would be great


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