Can somebody make a skin for me.

Hey there , could somebody make a skin for me please with some cool letters on it 2FI
(Its for my friends server)
If so thank you very much.

Pic :

Greets from holland

wrong section

Two things

  1. What do you want
  2. Wrong forum

Sorry forgot <3

Im new


Well i want the citizen 09 REBEL model or normal model.

With 2FI on his BACK BIG
And on his chest little upside right corner

thats it

Would you like that hexed and Playermodel’d, or no?


And I will do both the Rebel and citizen versions.

holland is the part of The Netherlands with the retarded accent?
Because there is a Province called Limburg and they have proper (not retarded)

Actually Holland is closest to the official language. In Limburg it sounds like a cross between Dutch, Flemmish, French and German.

Playermodel , I need to use it in a server.


Uhmm … I don´t know what you talking about… im from De hague i ment … but much people think Holland is ment as The netherlands.

In Limburg they dont talk that much proper, but in Gelderland they do and zeeland and groning.