Can somebody make this model more flexible

Can somebody make this model more flexible:

you’re gonna have to ask whoever made that for the source files, cause if i decompile it, it will destroy the face posing. if you can get them, i’ll set the bone constraints to match the fixed phys soldier and it should be done.

I don’t know who made this.

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I only need more flexible version of that model.

It says his name in the corner. Add him on steam and ask him for model.

the fixed phys have the same phymodels, it’s just that their bone constraints have been altered to put less limitation on their flexibility. i use them for the models i port

I can test it out later, but I think you can decompile it and then simply recompile it without flexes and then copy over the PHY file.

I think that’ll work, at least.

it might not, the .phy is the physics, i think it might be a better idea to try the .dx90 because that file is related to verticies

Simpler solution:
Download this.
Find the .phy file for the soldier.
Copy that file to the folder where this model is.
Delete the old .phy, then rename the new one so that its name matches up with the model’s other files.

The only time this wouldn’t work would be if this guy changed the bone names significantly on the new hexed model, but I really doubt that is the case.

I’m pretty sure this model doesn’t have the coat bones.

To be honest, decompiling it is fine. Decompile it, add the new physics information, recompile, and then move only the .phy file from the recompile over to where you have this one

bam, you still have faceposing AND working physics.

What “decompile” means?

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I don’t have any 3d programs.


Where is everybody?