Can somebody model or port the SSV Normandy from Mass Effect?

It’s a small ship, and all it would need is the main bridge area(of course, inside the ship). I have no modeling/skinning skill whatsoever, and I definitely don’t know how to port, so maybe somebody will take this up.

When I say model, I mean something like the IAC, except the Normandy isn’t as large as it(only about 2/3 as long as the IAC, about the same height).

The Ship


I’d try but I don’t have the game.

Also, to the idiots going “You can’t port from a 360,” the game is on PC too.

Much better than the type of first post I was expecting, which was something along the lines of-

lol nub ur retarded it on xbox


I can!

Naw I actually can’t I have it for the 360 and fail at modeling well

We’re gonna need a bigger map…

It’s not that large, I think it’s only about 2/3 the size of Foeaxe’s IAC.

How can you actually rip this stuff? I get an error while ripping when I’m using 3D Ripper DX :confused:

Oh, proves I’ve never played Mass Effect…

I’m not sure, but seeing as it’s running Unreal 3(I think, I’m not quite sure on that detail), I assume it would be similar or the same way the UT3 models were ripped.

“You’ve been playing that Mass Effect game again haven’t you!”
“No, Dad, I’ve been playing Wii Sports! Honest!”

X-D Sorry sortof offtopic but I just thought of that:

The outside would probably have to be skybox-sized, and the interior would have to be a seperate map.

I would model it but I am working on other things right now and porting it would be a lot easier but if no one ports it I might end up making a model some time later.

If I use 3D Ripper DX, then I get some strange errors…maybe my DX9 is not up-to-date since I’m running Windows Vista and this one uses DX10 as default :confused: Going to download latest Direct X9 and maybe this helps.

It might, but I think there’s a setting in the control panel or some other area that sets the DX level.

I installed DirectX 9.0c March 2008. I saw, that I was missing several older d3d9 files too…Maybe it will work now.

Here’s the error message:

Definitely a few DLL files missing. How’s it going now?

I was just about to make a thread requesting this exact same thing. -.-
The ship itself is actually quite a bit smaller than most may think. The ship has the forward area for navigation, the central area for that planetary map, a lower level for ground vehicles, med-bay, etc. And, the back has a meeting-like area.
So it shouldn’t be too hard I’d suppose. I can make up a 3D file with Rhinoceros 4.0, but I don’t know if it’s of any help. I have no idea how to create models but I’d be willing to learn just for this.

P.S.: Trying to build the Citadel would mean
We’re gonna need a bigger map…”


hass all sorts of information on the ship. Just thought it could help.

do you relise that you bumped a half year old thread? i suppose this is classed as recycling!!!

I apologize, I thought I’d just hop on an older thread, rather than create a new one of the exact same topic.

Never thought I’d see this one, but, yeah, I guess if it’s not locked and we still don’t have a Normandy port, I declare this thread…