Can Somebody Optimize My Map?

Could Somebody take my map and optimize it? I’m always stucked at PortalFlow, i went out for 5 hours and the PortalFlow is still in 1…2…3…4…5… How can i make this fast? like the other maps? i tried func_detail and it didnt even work. someone i can trust, please PM me, the map is big like gm_flatgrass, it has rail tracks, Drift TRack, Water Area, and Drag track. its a private map, only made for my server, tnx

Are the tracks func_detail? Did you use func_viscluster?

Did you use nodraw at all?

ill do it.

Try grouping together sections of your map. For example, a 15-step staircase. Group those together. Also, try using the toggle texture application tool to nodraw unseen faces of your map.

grouping doesn’t do anything to the map, besides add a small bit of writing to the beginning of the vmf file saying that brushes 1,2, and 3 are all grouped. Selecting them all and func_detailing will still keep all the brushes inside the vmf file, but define an entity that they all belong to, so that the compiler can actually work with them, unlike grouping

Tnx, PM me if u rly want to

No draw textures are done, the only thing i dont rly know how to use are what to func_detail, and how to use skip/hint/areportal textures, i almost selected all brushes inside the map and turned them into func_detail. i had a problem with that, i didnt i was wrong to group almost all of them and tied it to func_detail. I even made the grass, race track, and the admin room grouped and tied to func_detail, is it bad? yes, i made the rail track func_detail, cant i? or i need to use different entity?

I suggest you read

yes, i read them, but i cant still understant, i mean my map doesn’t have rooms, except once for admin room. Rolepley World was banned D: , so anyone? thank you

Put in trigger brushes with func_viscluster in large amounts of free space.

Here’s a sentence I read in an optimising tutorial that I stick to: “If it isn’t sealing anything or doing anything but looking pretty, func_detail that shit.”

That’s a horrible explination.

A bit old, but here is another guide that may be of use to you guys.

I can give it a shot if you want

i always want =D PM me

It’s the same one as was posted higher up the thread, just on a different host website.