Can Somebody please gift me Gmod + a source?

Hello all Gmod lovers! Im 13 and my family DOES NOT use credit cards at all, they disapprove of them. so i was wondering if there is anyone out there feeling VERY generous, i would Love to have either gmod, a source, or acoount name is wasabibomb911 my display name is allthingslive my amail is So thank you all, and happy modding! xD

sorry pal, but i think your dream of becoming a gmodder may go unanswered, as people are either greedy fucks or simply unable to help you.

Pay your friend and let him have his parents buy it for him and he will gift it too you.

I would do it for you man but I can’t don’t have the money or anything.

i would aswell but like gordongman I dont have the money.Maybe when I get some more I can help you

sorry. im broke but do u really think even if someone had the money they would ACTUALLY give a stranger free games?

ay man you can got to CVS pharmacy and buy a prepaid credit card (no age limit) and use that

i can give you non steam torrent 2009 gmod if you want skype me my skype is plenty10

(User was banned for this post ("Warez" - Rusty100))

There is a rule about warez. It’s not to even be mentioned here.

Go fuck off somewhere else, who torrents a fucking $10 game?!?!

ADMIN!!! ADMIN!!!:aaa:


I found a $10 Prepaid Credit Card in a Cereal box :q: Lucky Charms!!!

These cards don’t work online, I tried.

sorry I would but my faimlt dont use credit cards k? lol


Have fun!

All hope for society is not yet lost!

Yeah at least he’s getting his mature games behind his parent’s backs.

lol the noss nice pic,
any way um i would give u gmod but i dont have enough to get you css or any other game to support gmod

I have 1 CS:S gift pass, 1 TF2 guest pass, 2 HL2:E1 copies, and an episode two copy.If you can work $10 norm. to $10 C-Card with a friend, then I can add you and you know the rest.
you will luv it
if u need ill give sum tuts too