Can someone add seats for me?

Hello everyone… First post here. Anyway onto what i need.

 So, the rp server me and a freind are coding need some cars... We have been using sickness, there decent but we want to start using the -[ICR]- and the MW Cars... But theres one set back. We need at least 2 seats for them... And the icr claims to have them, they dont.... Or were complete fools and cant get in the second seat.... Anyway, I was wondering if someone could model a second seat in the 3 coupes and then and 2nd, 3rd, 4th seat in the GOLF GTI... If anyone can do this for me please respond quickly. The only link on that seems to work properly is the one that included the Fuelded mod cars so. Here is the link.


P.S. If anyone ends up doing this, i can provide some sort of monetary payment.

P.P.S. Also, if anyone knows some well made cars with a second seat. That could be helpful too. XD.

EDIT: Also, this is a DARKRP server.

Can’t you just make an airboat seat then nocollide/place/weld it?

No, We are not allowing airboats/jeeps that sort… Were going for the most realistic thing we possibly can…

Uh, yeah. Airboat SEAT. Not a whole airboat.

make the seat invis

What i am saying is that you cannot get into the seat if its placed in its proper spot (Passenger) you would have to plae the seat halfway out of the car for it to be useable.

Also we dont allow spawning a vehical, Buy it from a car dealer so…